MODEL : GSV 3/400

Working area400 x 400 x 150 mm
Working area height1050 mm
Speed1 – 250 mm/sec
Dimensions (W x D x H)1300 x 1100 x 1900 mm
Weight500 Kg
Power supply220/400 V – 50/60 Hz

3 axes automatic gluing system GSV 3/400 allows to automatically acquire, by means of an artificial vision system, the profile of sole with heel applied or the internal profile of the sole before injection. Once decided the gluing strategy and working parameters, in automatic mode it provides spray adhesive deposition along desired trajectories for the cementing of the component (sole).
The simultaneous control of the 3 axes (linear or interpolated) is provided by drives and motors (brushless type) through toothed belts for X and Y axes, while Z axis utilize a nut/ballscrew system. All axis are controlled by the proprietary Angeleri control, installed on machine board on an adjustable support.

Working speed is adjustable up to 250 mm/sec. and allows to increase the productivity compared to manual gluing process.
The high quality and uniformity of deposition permit to obtain, in standard working conditions, savings up to 50% of adhesive.

The control unit of the machine is a PC installed on machine board and the software (entirely developed by Angeleri) allow simultaneous interpolated control of the 5 axes.

The machine is completely covered by an enclosure to protect the operator during the work.


Suola GSV 3

The machine software generates a tool path elaborating the imported DXF file , where the path is designated by means of a line with related properties (type of line, color, layer) defined in conventional mode.

The system does not require complex programming such as ISO code or teach pendant, as it generates the toolpath keeping in count the parameters inserted on the video panel by means of an intuitive user graphic interface. The operator does not need to have any specific programming skill and a short training enable the full usage of the system.

The parameters available for the operator are :

1. X e Y offset
2. Working speed
3. Distance in Z between workbench and nozzle
4. Diameter/size of the nozzle
5. Toolpath offset vs. acquired profile
6. Number of deposition lines, with offset equal to tool radius and sequence from external profile to the centre of the sole
Each time a parameter is changed, using the “update” key button the machine send to the panel the new elaboration, thus allowing the operator to instantly verify the tool path the machine will follow for next working cycles (only after pressing the start button).

The machine can manage 2 different toolpaths contemporaneously (elaborated from 2 different DXF files) and execute those in selected zones set by the operator on the working area.

Each program has its own parameters and the machine is equipped with 2 start buttons associated to the 2 programs, so to enable load/unload of the component in hidden time.
Thanks to this functionality, while the machine is working in one area (eg. left side), the operator can load or unload components in the other area (eg. right side).

The artificial vision system, by means of a camera, allow “matching” functionalities and execution of program without need of sample patterns.
As a standard, the sole is inserted with the heel on the side of the operator, the machine elaborate a 3D model of the component and execute the requested program.
Using this working method it is possible to set on the video 3 different heights, typically : 1 = toe – 2 = centre – 3 = heel.

Using this mode, the machine – once elaborated the information of the profile – execute the program set according to working parameters, interpolating Z axis so to execute gluing on three-dimensional components (soles with applied heel, rubber soles with welt).