Gluing machines for hot melt adhesives

The line of thermo-gluing machines is one of the jewel of the crown of the production of Angeleri, who was the first company in Italy to produce this type of machine and as the witness of its success counts thousand of units installed throughout the world.
The quantity of glue is adjusted and accurately distributed by a scraper.
The workbench includes an adjustable guide to reduce the gluing width for the execution of edges and strip. The thickness and pressure to be used on the material in operation is adjustable.

Dispenser for reactive hot melt adhesives (310 gr cartridge)

The dispenser for reactive PU thermoplastic adhesives (310 gr cartridge), allow the fixing of ABS and synthetic materials heels when the shape of the heel does not allow the use of an appropriate number of nails. Thanks to the mechanical closing on the nozzle, that guarantees a perfect tight on the melting chamber, the dispenser does not need any cleaning operation at the end of each usage as it is enough to deactivate it at the end of its usage.